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Find out more about those creative people behind the tattoo designs. 
All of their incredible designs can be found here... 


Hi, I am a print designer based in south Wales, with a love of mark making and illustration. I enjoy experimenting with different drawing styles and playing with surface and materiality, integrating a lot of my work with fabric print. When I’m not in the print room, you can usually find me hiking and wild swimming.  
Instagram - @studio.wib 


Rachael Taylor is an award-winning Creative Director, Bestselling Author, Mentor & Print & Pattern Designer. Known for her quirky creative approach, daring use of colour & unique innovation, she has created prints & patterns for almost every area in the marketplace. Her style reflects her passion for nature & travel & as a pattern addict, she loves to push design boundaries. 
Instagram - @rachaeltaylor_ 


Jo is a Textile Designer based in East London. She designs textiles for brands in the fashion and homeware industry as well as running her own independent homeware business. 
Instagram - @printsbyjomoloney 


Illustrator and surface designer, she mainly works with florals but animals, plants and mushrooms are part of her whimsical and dreamy world as well. She works with small businesses, large brands and private clients, creating on commission original patterns and illustrations or licensing her artworks. 
Instagram - @ceciliabattaini 
Facebook - ceciliabattainiart 
Pinterest - ceciliabattaini 


Andy is an illustrator and designer based in Essex. He creates highly considered graphic motifs, illustrations and patterns for brands as well as his own artwork. 
Andy’s art has a bold and graphic quality to it with cartoonish hints of street culture. His work shows off his love of Music, obsolete technology, bleak English architecture, vintage advertising and femme fatales and of the bliss of wasted youth. Andy Turk’s art is familiar but unique, playful but savage. 
Instagram - @andyturkcreates 
Website - www.andy-turk.com 


Sarah’s illustrative style has a whimsical feel, and is inspired by nature and the outdoors. Follow Sarah on Instagram to see more of her work 
Instagram - @slh_illustration 


Stacie Dale is a freelance artist, surface pattern designer, fashion designer, and the owner of Stacie Dale Designs Inc. She grew up in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania surrounded by nature preserves where she discovered her love of horticulture and birds. She is also the co-creator of The Tattooed Moms Project.  


Noa is a Berlin-based artist who enjoys all things analogue. She finds inspiration in folklore, outsider art and traditional printmaking. Her work is often bold and optimistic, sometimes funny, and never boring. See for yourself on her website 
Website - www.noasnir.com 


Megan Carter is a surface Pattern Designer based in West Yorkshire. Inspired by the beauty of flowers and design from the past, Megan creates bold stylised patterns with a fresh modern hand writing. 
She loves to explore historical patterns and paraphernalia for inspiration particularly taking reference from the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkstatte period. 
Instagram - @megemlew 


Rosamund, a British designer and illustrator with a design philosophy blending her love for hand painting with an appreciation for history, place, flora and fauna. Inspired by everything from historical patterns to the picturesque Cornish landscape. 


I am an Artist based in beautiful East Devon. 
I take inspiration from the natural surroundings and love to paint intricate pieces with a realistic approach. 
Instagram - @gdayart 


Based in Glasgow, I started PickyourPoisonPrints in 2019 when I graduated from Heriot Watt University with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Textiles. I also have an Honours Degree in Graphic Design and extensive experience in fashion retail management and visual merchandising. I now work between visual merchandising in fashion and freelance graphic design. I love drawing and creating unique artwork, helping our world be more beautiful, whether its invitations, patterns or tattoos! 


Picture Smiths is an independent brand, design and marketing studio based in Yorkshire. They have a love for typography and design that turns heads. A talented team with a passion for their work and it shines through in everything they do. 


Elisabet is a very passionate self-taught artist and designer. Expert portraitist and fan of cartoon drawing. 
Instagram - @cokyto_art 


I am a surface pattern designer based in London. My inspiration comes from nature, history and all things weird and wonderful. 


Eleanor Grace Kitson, is an artist and illustrator. Inspired by nature, astrology and spirituality. Her illustrations have both a magical and nostalgic feel. She creates art as a way to express herself and nurture her inner child. 


Lucy is an illustrator and creative designer. She works using a blend of traditional and digital techniques to create vibrant, bold illustrations and designs. Lucy particularly enjoys playing around with typography and takes inspiration from life and nature. Having tattoos herself she’s partial to the more traditional blank line work, with a preference for some stipple shading! 


A daydreamer and collector of artistic techniques. Loving nature and culture. 
Instagram - @lau_illustration 
Casify - La_U/collection 


Nina Lewis, is an artist and designer based in London, where she lives with her partner and 2 cats, Benjamin and Bonnie. 
Nature, botany, organic forms and wildlife are a significant influence on Nina’s practice. She enjoys exploring an exciting niche between the intricate and the abstract worlds. 


Sthephania is an illustrator and print designer. 
In love with flowers, water colours and forever fascinated to realise that an idea can go from inspiration to exist in the real world. 


Abbi Goode is the designer behind the brand Lemon & Sugar Prints. She is often found working out of her small studio in West Yorkshire where she likes nothing better than to spend her time creating playful, colourful illustrations that are designed to bring a smile to your face. 


Jen lives in the South of England in Berkshire, with her Husband and 2 Mexican cats. She loves gardening in the sunshine, making homemade pizza's with her pizza oven and mixing up her own Gin cocktails! Thank you for buying one of her designs! 


I am Soom. An artist from a multi-cultural and colourful background. Since little, I have been a lover of all the beauty this life has to offer. I have been so blessed to work with all English retailers in the bedding industry. Everything I create is a prayer of appreciation. 
I wish to bring you healing and love through my art. 


Hello! My name is Anna and I’m an illustrator and designer from Glasgow. I love creating delicate designs in black and white in particular, and this began when I was a kid colouring in fun characters on old receipts and important documents. I also love creating card and wrapping paper designs, as well as illustrations for children. I hope you enjoy my tattoo designs! 


Becky Butler is a surface pattern designer and illustrator. She has industry experience of creating prints for a variety of high street stores across a range of products. Becky is inspired by natural forms and finding patterns in nature. She enjoys drawing by hand, digitally and combining the two. When she is not designing, Becky likes spending time outdoors with her family. 


Ellie is a creative designer with 10+ years of experience crafting cool and diverse designs for the kids market. Her design for Tarttu starts her journey into designing for adults. Whether by hand or digitally, she loves letting her creativity run wild! 


Beth is a surface designer & artist living in picturesque Yorkshire, England. She has a very unique and quirky style, producing painted creations, patterns and designs to fit many different product categories. When she isn’t busy painting, she enjoys traveling, DIY home improvements and spending fun time with her husband and little boy. 
Instagram - @beth_reed_designs 


Helena May Hartell is a freelance print designer, illustrator and lettering artist based in Manchester. A lover of coffee & doggo’s, she’s inspired by feminism, astrology and pop culture. 
Instagram - @realqueenseatpizza 


An award winning, creative and forward-thinking designer who loves to create mandalas & doodles and enjoys experimenting with a variety of styles. She also creates cultural and creative greeting cards, gift wrap and colouring books for adults and kids. 
Instagram - @roshah.designs 
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